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Things I’m struggling with

1.  I’m struggling to enjoy the special beauty of winter, instead of being bummed all the time about how cold and dark it is.  Oddly enough this effort seems to become easier when I’m outside fully immersed in the cold and dark, instead of indoors peering out into the chilly greyness.  So the solution almost certainly involves getting outside more rather than less.

2.  I’m struggling with my feelings about Tim Tebow.  I’m so sick of seeing him on TV and reading about him everywhere! The thing that particularly irks me is that the press is so focused on Tim Tebow that they spend much less time talking about the rest of the Broncos. Tebow thanks Jesus before he thanks his backfield.  Reading Chuck Klosterman’s essay about Tebow haters helped me get a little perspective on this one, but you know what would really help?  If my Bears could somehow find a way to pull out a win in Denver this Sunday… and then all kneeled to have a personal moment with Jesus right on the field.

3.  I’m struggling with vanity sizing for women’s clothes.  Combined with Spandex, basically it has become impossible to buy clothes unless you’re determined to return WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE anything that doesn’t fit great in real life — meaning after you’ve passed the “washed and worn” threshold for returnability. I’m not that good at shipping things, so I just seethe when a suspiciously-sized item swims on me.

4.  I’m struggling with the idea that I might be making myself — and more importantly my team — less lucky than we should and could be.  Some intriguing research hints at simple steps you can take to increase what we call luck, and it all makes intuitive sense to me.  I think I’m doing awesome at resiliency (lots of practice), and pretty good at openness to new experiences and intuition.  My weak point is optimism though… and who needs boatloads of optimism more than a startup founder?  Not sure how to improve this one.

5.  I’m struggling with the pointer device on my new Ubuntu laptop.  Every few words it shifts focus a few characters to the left or right, doubtless due to some kind of gesture preference that I don’t know how to turn off.  I plan to solve this problem by asking you, Gentle Reader, for your help!

Working out before breakfast

I’m trying the whole “working out before breakfast” thing that the NYT wrote about so you don’t have to.  As one would expect, it’s amazingly unpleasant and athletic performance is significantly crappier — so much so that I wouldn’t personally try to strength train without eating, it’s hard enough just limping on the treadmill for a few minutes.  Final conclusion after a week:  it’s like a lot of things in exercise, probably not a bad idea but for most people a massive over-optimization.